"Learn every lesson where you can..."

Rejection is tough. Every writer will tell you that. Sometimes, somehow, it gets a little bit easier, but not always. No matter how you handle rejection, it will always be a part of the writing life. Which is why it can be useful to remember that, like many difficult situations, rejection can offer a chance for learning.

Nancy Freund, a L'ATELIER writer, did something very brave recently, participating in a "game" that is almost completely about rejection. The event involved having the first page of a novel or story read aloud to a panel of agents and editors and then waiting for the panel members to buzz the writer "out" at the point s/he would have stopped reading had the page come from the slush pile. The experience was TOUGH, as anyone can well imagine, but it was also really interesting and we learned a lot from Nancy Freund's account of her experience, so we wanted to share some of it here. 

Here's one of Nancy's very big take-aways that bears repeating:

"So learn every lesson where you can, and don’t forget the reason for one rejection may not match another agent or publisher or reader’s perspective. You have to be willing to keep seeking the rejections. It’s not personal, even if your writing is, or maybe it is personal, but don’t take umbrage. Keep asking. Keep at it."

Read about Nancy's entire experience on her blog here