Writers like us.

by Sara Johnson Allen

I was recently sitting by a pool with two friends after the Key West Literary Seminar. It was our last day before going back to Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, in other words, the deep freeze. Do you know what we chose to do on that last day?

We worked. We started new revisions, created master lists of grant and residency opportunities, and swore a pact that we would hold each other accountable to finish the work. 

It is not everyone who would use their vacation time, their negotiated time away from family obligations to work on a project that requires being alone, swearing at random in front of a screen or blank piece of paper. 

But it is who we are. You know the price paid. You also know the pay off. When we write, it is often the way we come closest to our true identity. The truth is, for all our loves and interests, this is where we feel most whole.