A new destination

As we pack our bags for L'ATELIER Writers France 2018, we are headed for a new destination. For the last three years, the tiny village of Villeferry welcomed our group. Some of us are ready for a new venue. Some of us are hesitant to give up our old rooms and rituals. We will all miss the common room where we first took in the view of the surrounding fields and centuries old, stone homes that surrounded our first meeting place as a community. 

What will remain the same is our group of writers, spending the days committed to our work while sharing meal times and evenings with others. "Openness" is one of the key personality traits present in the highly creative mind, and so we shall be ready for this new adventure, even if we will miss our old location just a bit. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 12.42.41 PM.png

p.s. Don't forget your bathing suit. Some changes involve a beautiful, in-ground pool on the veranda.