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Although informal discussions about technique and other writing issues are a constant at L'ATELIER, with spontaneous conversations about pacing and plot erupting over after-meal coffees, we still dedicate time every afternoon for a deliberate and specific session on craft.

Every session is different, but they are all oriented towards problem solving. We each come to the workshops with our questions and struggles, and we leave with strategies and solutions. Each year the session topics vary as we tailor L'ATELIER to our participants' specific needs. 

These afternoon craft sessions are optional to allow those who want more time to write on their own to have the freedom to do so. 

"The founders are not only all experienced teachers and excellent writers, they are also approachable and fun. I attended all of the craft sessions, and they proved invaluable to me. My entire editing process changed from one session, and I found a solution to a plot problem I was having in another."

-Jo V., 2017 L'ATELIER community member