The  L'ATELIER experience is designed to foster a number of constructive and meaningful feedback opportunities throughout the entire week. Participants receive informal feedback during meals, at the aperitif hour and evening readings, and over coffee after dinner. 

We have welcomed writers who are finishing their first short story and others who need focused time to concentrate on their revisions for their agent. What is most important to us is that you receive the time, space, and resources to move your work forward in the way that is best for you.

We also offer the following  opportunities based on previous community feedback to customize your L’ATELIER experience.

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(See 2019 Fees for pricing on below opportunities.) 

Dedicated mentor for one week

If you are looking for personalized, one-to-one feedback on your project, you can send up to 20 pages to us before the retreat and 10 pages during the retreat and one of the instructors will schedule two feedback sessions with you to discuss your challenges and your progress.

Detailed critique session with all three instructors  

All three L'ATELIER instructors will meet with individual writers for 60 minutes to provide MFA-level critique on their work during an hour-long supportive discussion. Writers will submit their work (20-30 pages) in advance of the retreat. A second follow-up can be scheduled, if needed, with one instructor.

Full manuscript critique

All three instructors will read the first 30 pages (or the opening stories) of your completed manuscript and provide written feedback. We know how important beginnings are in today's publishing world. In addition to this, one instructor will read your entire manuscript and provide substantive editing feedback and an in-person (telephone or video conference) consultation. 

If you plan on working on revisions at L’ATELIER France 2019, we can try to arrange your manuscript review before our week in France so that you can receive feedback in person at the beginning of the week.

No matter how you choose to custom-design your L’ATELIER experience, we are excited to engage with you and your work.

Note: At L'ATELIER France, participants do not read each other's work as part of our program. We find that most of our participants are attending because they need time to write and talk informally through their challenges in a supportive and inspiring community. This is one way we differ from traditional workshops where participants read each writer's work then critique the text.

Of course participants are welcome to forge their own partnerships and exchange work if they create a connection with other writers, and there is plenty of time and space throughout the week to facilitate these meaningful exchanges.