Thank you to all who have applied for L'ATELIER Villeferry 2017. We are currently full. If you would like to be added to our waiting list, please feel free to apply below. 


Application: Upon acceptance, we require a 220 euro non-refundable deposit. Emphasis is on choosing the right community members who will benefit from what our program offers, but preference will be given to those who apply early. 

Our main goal at L'ATELIER is to foster a unique writing community. As part of our application process, we want to learn about your writing projects but also about you so that we can create a fantastic community experience for our week in Villeferry. 

1) We are interested in understanding your goals and needs for writing so that we can tailor our retreat to suit you best. Please tell us below what you are currently working on or what you'd like to bring with you to the retreat. What are the challenges you're facing? 

2) Experience has taught us that participants bring as much to our week-long retreat as the instructors. A few examples of what we mean: in 2015 one of our participants shared her in-depth knowledge of book design. In 2016, one of our participants gave a workshop on public speaking, geared toward reading events for writers. We are fortunate to have a group of such talented individuals make their way to our retreat, and we would love to integrate your knowledge and skills if you are willing.

Please complete the form below and pay your $10.00 application fee for the L'ATELIER Villeferry 2017.


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Please let us know if you have any life-threatening allergies or concerns with mobility.